Living by Frost® stands as a beacon of transformative health education, providing an all-encompassing curriculum designed to elevate wellness across personal and professional networks.


This holistic program delves into the intricacies of dietary habits, lifestyle modifications, gut and digestive health, detoxification routines, naturopathic principles, nutritional supplements, vitamins, exercise regimens, Ayurvedic wisdom, and personalized coaching strategies.


It equips participants not only with the tools for self-improvement but also empowers them to guide and support their networks effectively. Pioneering a culture of vitality within any team, Living by Frost® fosters an environment where health and business growth synergize, resulting in profound network marketing success.




Offering this exclusive educational experience signifies a commitment to team empowerment, setting Living by Frost® apart as a leader in nurturing success at every level and cultivating a community driven by health advocacy and life-changing knowledge.


About Siff


With 20 years of dedication to the health industry, I am a seasoned Health Coach Educator and Naturopath.

My expertise lies in delivering extensive wellness education that encompasses nutrition, gut health, fitness, and Ayurvedic wisdom.

I am devoted to cultivating the next generation of holistic health leaders and fostering their growth in both personal and professional realms.

My journey has been fueled by a passion for nurturing well-being and a commitment to lifelong learning and teaching in the dynamic field of health and wellness.